Job Opportunities

1. Hong Chi Association [posted on 2 March 2020]
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2. TWGHS Tang Shiu Kin Primary School [posted on 2 April 2020]
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3. Childpsy - Assessment & Learning [posted on 18 May 2020]
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4. Casual work at the HKU Child Language and Speech Laboratory [posted on 8 June 2020]
Dr. Anita Wong, Director of the CLAS lab, is looking for a colleague with 2 or more years of experience to assist her with a QEF project. There will be about 200 hours of work spread across the year, with a fair bit of hours in the coming summer months. A major task is to develop training materials for inter-professional engagement with teachers in one kindergarten. The materials will become part of an oral-language-for-reading  enhancement-program for K3 children. The Lab is developing a research program on language intervention and does have some small projects that can extend this colleague's work hours. Colleagues who cannot commit to regular office hours, and who are interested in language development and intervention, and interdisciplinary  collaborative practice with kindergarten teachers are welcome to apply.
The CLAS lab:
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5. S.T.F.A. Lee Kam Primary School  [posted on 8 June 2020]
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6. Salvation Army [posted on 15 June 2020]

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