An updated on GACS -- Grammatical Analysis of Cantonese Samples [Updated on 12-11-2020]

In response to feedback and questions from colleagues, we made some minor revisions. The 44-page GACS doc and five short recorded lectures and other training and practice materials are available via this link. Comments are welcome. drive/folders/12nxjn2KM_ GeEYQ4cEsczf3CFw1boLaBA?usp= sharing

「賽馬會喜伴同行計劃」動畫:自閉人士的社交互動能力 JC A-Connect Animation: ASD's Social Interactive Skills

「賽馬會喜伴同行計劃」製作一系列有關自閉症譜系障礙( 簡稱自閉症)的動畫,內容包括自閉人士面對的挑戰及支援需要等, 以提升公眾對自閉症的認識。

有關「賽馬會喜伴同行計劃」的詳情,請 按此

「言語治療知多啲」—《我有書本未能讀》:讀寫障礙  http s:// FLw_gEGFmXY
「言語治療知多啲」—《我有說話未能講》:中風後的言語治療 h ttps:// v=Jaq4p-Pnbus
「言語治療知多啲」—《我有說話未能講》: 柏金遜症患者的言語治療 https://www. IOXIVqwrbl8

Translation Glossary of Speech Pathology Terms (Second edition)

言語治療詞彙翻譯手冊 (第二版)


Wiley publisher for Autism Awareness Day

Raising Awareness in Language Learning Impairments (RALLI)

New Scientific Journal of Speech and Language Therapy

This journal is edited by the University of Castilla la Mancha. They hope to receive papers in English or Spanish from Hong Kong.

The University of Hong Kong - Department of Paediatrics: 'Oneclick' service for HK children with special needs

‘Oneclick’ is a new  website, recently developed within HKU’s Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine,  to share information about available local services for Hong Kong’s children with special needs.
The target groups are relevant local families and children, carers and professionals from all sectors (health, social, education) who support children and adolescents with special needs in Hong Kong.


CEUALLIEDHEALTH.COM: ASHA Approved CE Provider Speechbite