Full Membership: HKD$300
Associate Membership: HKD$100
Overseas Membership: HKD$100
Student Membership: HKD$50

Please register online HERE.

  • Both application / reapplication (if your membership is lapsed) for full, overseas and associate memberships carry initial joining / re-joining fee of HK$200 . Please add this amount to the annual membership fee. 
  • Membership is between September 1 and August 31.
  • Deadline for membership registration is 31 Oct every year. For members renewing membership after this registration deadline, the membership will be considered as lapsed.
  • For further details, please refer to our constitution (

As a HKAST member , you can enjoy a host of unrivalled benefits:

  •  Special rate for workshops, seminars and conferences held by the HKAST 
  •  Receiving the HKAST publications: Glossary, Pamphlets, Code of Ethnics, Constitution and Standard of Practice 
  •  Receiving emails of up-to-date ST related information 
  •  Receiving the latest Registry and Annual Report every year 
  •  If you are in private practice, you can join the HKAST database of private practitioners which is open to the public. You can input details in your membership portal account. 

Our Objective

The overall aim of this website is to provide updated information regarding the association to its members and the public.
We also hope that through this website, the public will know more about speech therapy, through information posted on the website, especially on channels to go through in order to receive speech therapy.

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