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  • Dates: 2019-10-27 - 2019-10-29
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  • Venue: Macau
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Academy of Aphasia will have its first meeting in Asia27-29 October, 2019, bringing internationally-renowned researchers in the basic and clinical science of aphasia toMacau, SAR. There are three days of unique opportunities for practicing clinicians to gain cutting-edge knowledge in understanding, assessment, and management of aphasia and related disorders. See detailed conference information athttp://www2. academyofaphasia.org/2019- meeting-registration- announcement/.

Highlights of the program include:

27 October:

* Keynote address byLyndsey Nickels, MacquarieUniversity, Sydney, world leader in mechanisms and treatment of word-retrieval deficits in aphasia

* Platform session on Management, Recovery, and Treatment, featuring presentations on a new worldwide screening test for post-stroke communication disorders, predictors of acute-stage stroke and aphasia recovery, and improving healthcare communication for individuals with aphasia

28 October:

* Platform session on the neural systems behind language impairments and recovery in aphasia, featuring presentations bySwathi Kiran,Cynthia Thompson, andMatt Lambon-Ralph

* Interdisciplinary symposium onAphasia in Neurodegenerative Conditions: Assessment and Intervention, led bySharon Savage, Exeter University

29 October:

* Platform sessions on neurodegenerative conditions (including semantic dementia and primary progressive aphasia) and multilingualism

* Poster session on measurement, treatment, and recovery, featuring 25 state-of-the-art presentations on the science of assessing and promoting aphasia recovery

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