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  • Dates: 2021-06-10
  • Time Start/End: 09:00/13:00
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Dates: 10 Jun 2021 (Thu)
Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue: Live Online Training
Challenging behaviour, including for example hitting, kicking, pushing, shouting, biting, head banging and other forms of self-injury, is distressing for the person with autism, as well as for their families and people who work with them. These behaviours can result in a number of social problems including unsafe home, school and work settings, exclusion from school and community events, and burn-out for parents, carers and professionals. The presentation focuses on children and adolescents with severe autism and provides an explanation and strategies with regard to repetitive behaviour, emotion management and the development of effective communication systems for emotions.  The application of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to children with severe autism to manage emotions is also discussed and how it can be applied in everyday life. The presentation will include strategies to help with self-injurious behaviour and the improvement of social understanding and coping with change.

* Please note that this topic is regarding severe/classic Autism – which is now categorized under the DSM-5 as ASD – Level 3.

For more information and registration, http://bridgingtalents.com/2021_Prof_Tony_Attwood_Managing_Challengin_%20Behaviour_in_Children_with_Severe_Autism.aspx

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