Interprofessional Education for Pre-Service Speech-Language Therapists, Kindergarten Teachers, and Social Workers within Educational Settings in Hong Kong

In order to prepare students to work in educational settings after graduation, we would like to investigate the current development of Interprofessional Education and students’ competencies to
effectively collaborate with other professionals. Therefore, we are recruiting pre-service speech language therapists, kindergarten teachers and social workers for this survey.

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Pitch variation in children and adults with apraxia of speech: Study 1

Clinical practice of childhood apraxia of speech in Hong Kong

There is an online survey concerning the clinical practice of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) in Hong Kong. You are welcomed to complete it if you are a Cantonese-speaking qualified speech therapist who is currently working in Hong Kong. Clinical experience with children with CAS is NOT a concern.

Survey link: HERE


How clinicians in different countries assess and diagnose the language skills of multilingual children

The members of the Multilingual-Multicultural Affairs Committee of the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP)  recently launched an international survey to find out how clinicians in different countries assess and diagnose the language skills of multilingual children.  

This invitation to participate in the survey has been forwarded to you by your colleague, as they recognize your significant skills and experience in assessment of multilingual children.  

Participation is completely voluntary, and your responses will be anonymous. This project has approval from Edith Cowan University Ethics Committee (approval number 2020-02004-HUNT).

To start the survey, please click here (


Inter-professional Collaborative Practice–an Online Research Survey

Speech language therapists may work with colleagues from other professional backgrounds when providing assessment and intervention for their clients. We would like to explore the current level of Inter-professional Collaborative Practice across various clinical settings (i.e. medical, educational), as well as identify some barriers and facilitators to inter-professional practice in the Hong Kong context. Results will help professional program planners learn how to better prepare speech-language therapist students during their pre-service training.

Kelly and Blanche (BSc Speech and Hearing Sciences, HKU) are conducting this project under the supervision of Dr. Anita Wong and Dr. Elizabeth Barrett in the Faculty of Education, HKU, with support from the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship Programme.

*All information collected in the online survey will be kept confidential and individual details (e.g. working place and names) will not be collected from this survey. For more details, please refer to the attached information sheet and consent form that participants will complete online prior to participation in the survey.

HKAST_IPCP_Consent Form to Centers