Time Start/End: 09:00/17:00Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS®) Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech

Dates:  14 - 16 June 2021 (Mon - Wed)
Time:   9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT +0800)
Venue: Live Online 

This course explores the sensory-cognitive processes basic to phonemic processing, decoding, spelling, and reading in context. Class members will learn the role of phonemic awareness in 1) tracking sounds and letters within words, 2) decoding, 3) spelling and 4) development of fluency in contextual reading. The class will learn to develop phoneme awareness for all ages of students. Study and supervised practice will allow class members to learn to respond to the response to develop the sensory-cognitive function of phonemic awareness and apply that to improved reading and spelling. In addition to demonstration and practice in developmental techniques, class members participate in evaluating their own phonemic awareness—an individual's own phonemic processing is basic to a full understanding and use of the assessment and instructional techniques presented. Discussion, demonstration, and supervised practice in techniques are utilized to teach class members questioning techniques to stimulate the integration of auditory, visual, and articulatory cues. Application of this processing is applied to decoding and spelling. Information and techniques are gained through discussion, demonstration, video, reading, and supervised practice.

Course Fee:

Early Bird (by 31 March 2021): S$2500 

Normal (Till Full): S$2700

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Time Start/End: 09:00/12:31Dyslexia and other learning differences: Executive Functioning, Attention, Self Esteem and Metacognition

Dates: 16 and 17 June 2021 (Wed and Thu)
Time: 9.00am – 12.30pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue: Live Online

Although dyslexia is usually associated with reading there can be other issues that may prevent the learner from fulfilling their potential. These include the areas that will be covered in this course: executive functioning, attention, metacognition and self-esteem. These area in fact can impact on all learners at some point so the course can be applicable to those who are not necessarily diagnosed with dyslexia but may have some issues with learning in general. This course can also be suitable for adults with dyslexia and those working with college and university students and adults.

The aim of this course is therefore to enhance participants understanding of issues that can impact on learning and can be extremely relevant to children and adults with dyslexia and other learning differences.

Course Fee:

Early Bird (31 Mar 2021): S$350

Normal (Till full): S$400

For more and registration:https://mcusercontent.com/01bbcaa6e81a377c662c1f8c1/files/34daa065-fc2b-448a-ab30-2ec193d67b71/2021_Emailer_Dr_Gavin_Reid_Dyslexia_and_other_learning_differences_Executive_Functioning_Attention_Self_Esteem_and_Metacognition_June_2021.pdf

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