Time Start/End: 00:00/00:00It Takes Two to Talk® Presented by The Hanen Centre

Penang, Malaysia

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Time Start/End: 18:30/21:30Basic Certificate Course in Family Therapy

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Time Start/End: 19:30/21:00WEBINAR: Telepractice - A Double-Edged Sword for Speech Therapists

About this webinar

Dr Kwan started a hybrid face-to-face and online therapy to people with Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, and Dementia by the students and staff of the Education University of Hong Kong with the record of 98% attendance, over 700 hours since 2016.

In this talk, Dr Kwan will first share her clinical experience in telepractice, including ways to empower your partners in telepractice and tips when you go online.

Raymond, Yoyo and Kelvin were intrigued by the recent surge of telepractice in speech therapy locally in times of a panedmic. Raymond will represent the team to share the findings from a survey that was done among local speech therapists on their knowledge, current practice and the way forward in telepractice.

Webinar Outline

7:30-7:50pm : Sharing on survey results and the need of telepractice in HK from Mr. Raymond Fong
7:50-8:45pm : Sharing on telepractice service from Dr. Lorinda Kwan
8:45-9:00pm : Q&A session

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