Time Start/End: 09:00/17:00Hanen's It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop

Join us in Hong Kong on March 28-30 for the It Takes Two to Talk® Hanen Certification workshop!

This 3-day workshop is for Speech-Language pathologists who work with young children with language delays (birth to 5 years) and their families. With hands-on interactive training, you’ll learn effective, research-based strategies for involving parents in the early intervention process to ensure the best possible outcomes for their child. When you take It Takes Two to Talk, you will be certified to lead It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delay.

Space is Limited and our workshops fill quickly! For more information or to register, email workshops@hanen.org or visit the link below:

http://www.hanen.org/ Professional-Development/It- Takes-Two-to-Talk/2019-Mar-28- Hong-Kong.aspx

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Time Start/End: 19:15/21:45Survival Guide for Speech Therapists in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly (RCHEs)


  1. HA Community ST service
  2. The Public Private Partnership (PPP) program in Hong Kong West Cluster (HKWC)
  3. What to expect in RCHEs and ways to set up your clinic
  4. Collaboration with STs of medical settings
  5. Working with dysphagic elderly in RCHEs: Troubleshooting
  6. Q & A
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