Most children develop their speech and language abilities within a specific age range. Early childhood is a critical period for speech and language development. Early identification and intervention of speech, language, hearing and communication disorders is very important: the sooner a delay or disorder is identified, the higher possibilities for improvement and the better outcomes are.


Language developmental milestone  (For reference only)

– Locate the source of sound
– Respond to his name
– Communicate with people by making sound deliberately

– Say single words, name common objects or familiar adults (e.g. mommy)
– Follow situational commands

– understand simple questions
– follow simple verbal commands
– say two- or three-words phrases
– ask simple questions

3;0- 4;0
– say sentences with four or more words
– talk about activities in here-and-now context
– follow complex commands

– talk about activities at preschool, or friends’ homes
– ask complex questions e.g. “why?”
– comprehend simple stories

– Enjoy jokes and riddles
– retell simple stories
– reason with aid of language



What should I do if I suspect my children have speech or language problems?

Initial Screening/Assessment:

  • Maternal and Child Health Centres (
  • Department of Paediatrics, Hospital Authority
  • Paediatricians/General Practitioner at private clinics
  • Speech Therapists at private clinics

Comprehensive Assessment:

  • Child Assessment Service (
  • Speech Therapists at private clinics

Intervention, Training, and Education:

  • Hospital Authority (
    • Speech therapy division
  • Social and Welfare Department (
    • Early Education and Training Centre
    • Integrated Programme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre
    • Special Child Care Centre
    • On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services
  • Education Bureau (
    • Speech Therapy Service Section
  • Speech Therapists at private clinics