Update on PayPal issue
Dear members,

As our PayPal system has been restored, you may now proceed to online payment of membership.

We understand that some members whose membership expired on 31st August 2017 were not able to renew membership before our membership renewal deadline (31st October 2017) due to the previous technical problems. Therefore, refund of rejoining fee ($200) will be granted if you fulfil the following conditions:
1. You are our member in the year of 16-17 (i.e. your membership expiry date is 31st August, 2017 BEFORE your payment of membership fee this year)
2. You payed the membership fee of the year 17-18 AND rejoining fee before 15th December 2017.

If you fulfilled BOTH of the above conditions, please fill in and submit the application form ( Deadline of application for refund is 15th December 2017. The process of refund will take 4-6 weeks upon receiving your application and refund will be made through PayPal. 

Thank you for your patience and your continuous support to HKAST


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The overall aim of this website is to provide updated information regarding the association to its members and the public.
We also hope that through this website, the public will know more about speech therapy, through information posted on the website, especially on channels to go through in order to receive speech therapy.

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