Updated Situation of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Further  to our letter on 15 May 2020, we would like to provide you an  update  on the local situation of coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) and remind  you  to adhere to stringent infection control measures when serving patients/ clients.

        As  of  1  June  2020, a new local cluster involving five cases was identified.   According  to  CHP’s  investigation, all of them did not have travel  history  outside  Hong  Kong  within  the incubation period.   This cluster,  together  with the earlier cluster involving three cases detected in mid-May, signifies that there are silent/ subclinial local transmissions going  on  the  community and the risk of major community outbreaks exists. In  addition,  some  infected persons may present with mild or non-specific symptoms only, especially during the early stage of disease.

        In  this  connection, we would like to remind healthcare workers to remain  vigilant  when  serving  your  patients/ clients.  If you encounter
patients/  clients  with  suspicious  symptoms,  please advise them to seek medical advice promptly for testing of COVID-19 as appropriate.  Healthcare workers  should  adhere  strictly  to  infection  control  measures at your hospital/  clinic  all the times.  Please refer to the guidelines published by the CHP for details –

      Recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals/ clinics under   Serious/   Emergency   Response   Level  Coronavirus  disease (COVID-19) (Interim) pdf/recommended_ppe_for_nid_ eng.pdf

      Key  Elements  on  Prevention  and  Control  of  Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings (Interim) pdf/ic_advice_for_nid_in_ healthcare_setting.pdf

For the latest information on COVID-19, please visit hk/eng/index.html.

Letter to healthcare professionals on 02/06/2020

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