Updates on Professional Indemnity Insurance

Updates on Professional Indemnity Insurance

Members who have purchased the Professional Indemnity Insurance Package would receive a certificate issued by Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd in 6-8 weeks upon receipt of application.

Application for the captioned insurance package is still open. Members could purchase the insurance before March 31, 2018 (received by Charterlloyd), with coverage effecting on the same commencement date (i.e. March 1, 2018) subject to no known claims within March.

Members could also purchase the insurance at any later time. The insurance will be effective from the day Charterlloyd receive the application. However, the indemnity cover will end on 28 February, 2019 regardless of the starting date.


Members who are interested to enrol the insurance scheme should return the signed and completed declaration form and a cheque of HK$680 payable to "Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd.” to the following address:


Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Rm 1905, 19/F, Fortress Tower,
250 King’s Road, Hong Kong

Attn: Dr. Raymond Chow

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Dr. Raymond Chow (Email:, Tel: 2523 6350) or Ms. Alice Cheung (Email:, Tel: 2523 6072).

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