Recruitment campaigns calling for Hong Kong Speech Therapists!
Volunteer Recruitment for IDDSI Hong Kong Reference Group

IDDSI is now seeking volunteers to be part of a new Hong Kong Reference Group representing diverse stakeholders including health professionals, dysphagia patients and their care givers as well as food industry representatives. Previous involvement in IDDSI implementation is not necessary. For further information and application, please contact 

For more details, please click here.

Ambassador Recruitment for Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (RADLD)

RADLD is coordinated by a volunteer International Committee with professional training as speech-language therapist/pathologist (SLT/SLP) in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong-China. Our vision is a world where people with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) are supported to pursue their goals and aspirations, which we achieve by partnering with the community to foster a substantial increase in international awareness of DLD.

We also organize activities for the DLD Awareness Day, which will be celebrated this year on Friday 15 October. We would like to ask your association to consider organizing activities to help people in your city or country learn about DLD and the individuals affected by it. At you will find a range of useful resources to help raise awareness of DLD. You may also like to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you already have awareness raising activities planned, we would be excited to hear from you (

We also have an ambassador program through which we share resources and provide support to SLTs/SLPs, educators and families in their efforts to raise awareness of DLD. There are nearly 800 Ambassadors from all around the world but need further support in your country. We would great appreciate if you could share information on the program involved/ambassadors/

We would greatly appreciate collaborating with you to help your members learn more about the RADLD, and how they can advocate for individuals with DLD.

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The overall aim of this website is to provide updated information regarding the association to its members and the public.
We also hope that through this website, the public will know more about speech therapy, through information posted on the website, especially on channels to go through in order to receive speech therapy.

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